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Achieving the Hair of Your Dreams

In a world where beauty products are in abundance and cosmetic companies market products using certain terminology it is important for the consumer to be aware of what they are purchasing.  There is much confusion between the use of Argan Oil and Keratin, read further to discover the actual definitions behind the terms.

Argan Oil is from the Argan tree in Morocco, this magical oil when applied to your hair adds shine to the surface of the hair, and improves the compatibility of other products by adding a protective and moisturizing coating of oil; however this is short-term as the Argan Oil only reaches the surface of the hair.  Argan Oil enhances the hair’s appearance, and does not offer reparative properties.

In our professional experience we recommend Argan Oil for the woman who has never experienced a chemical hair service or color treatment, Argan Oil is for virgin hair or someone with healthy hair desiring organic or natural products.

Argan Oil Recommended Products:

Josie Maran

Argan 6 by Redken

Garnier Fructis

Replicine Functional Keratin is for women with damaged hair, whose tresses are dry, parched and brittle.  Keratin heals our strands by repairing hair from the inside out and rebuilding the hair structure, making hair stronger, shinier, substantial and durable. 

Keratin is an ingredient used in professional straightening hair services to lessen the damage of using harsh chemicals to straighten or color the hair. Keratin is not a hair straightening ingredient, but an ingredient that repairs the hair, especially undergoing chemical services or treatments.

Not every product in the market labeling Keratin as a main ingredient is Replicine Functional Keratin, there are two differences between Replicine Functional Keratin and Hydrolyzed Keratin.  The differences are the source and the extraction of Keratin from the source. 

Replicine Functional Keratin is sourced from pure New Zealand wool, government certified from healthy, live humanely treated sheep, managed from the best farming systems in the world.

The extraction of Replicine Functional Keratin is a patented process that took 15 years of scientific research; the protein is extracted in a soluble, intact form, delivering crucial biological function to skin and hair products with the unique ability to rebuild the skin or hair from inside the fiber.

Hydrolyzed Keratin could also be considered as slaughter house Keratin, sourced from a wide variety of animal byproducts and in most cases of uncertain origin, including hooves, horns and other waste.

Hydrolyzed Keratin is broken down using in most instances harsh chemicals that breakdown Keratin modifying the structure so much that none of the benefits are delivered to the skin and hair the way they were originally intended.

Replicine Functional Keratin: These are the only brands to date that use Replicine Functional Keratin.

Hair Rescue by Keraplast

Awapuhi by Paul Michell

Keratin Smoothing Care Line by Keune

Examples of Hydrolyzed Keratin that I’ve found to be effective:

KeratinPerfect Haircare Products

Keratin Complex Haircare Collection

American Culture Hair Products

Organix Keratin Conditioner and Flat Iron Spray

Things to know:

When consulting with a hair professional about a Keratin Straightening Service or Brazilian Keratin service find out if the Keratin is Replicine Functional Keratin or Hydrolzyed Keratin.

Read ingredient labels and remember that the first three ingredients makeup the majority of the product.

The formal chemical names are on the ingredients list. Replicine Functional Keratin is a trademark name, so the chemical names to look for are, Keratin and Oxidized Keratin. Hydrolyzed Keratin may be on there also, hopefully not at the end of the list, and let’s not forget that most Hydrolzyed Keratin is derived from slaughter house sources.

It is recommended that women with damaged hair caused by salon services use Replicine Functional Keratin in their shampoos, conditioners and deep hair masks and to make sure it is the ingredient in their haircare straightening service of choice. Using Hydrolyzed Keratin or Argan Oil styling products are effective in styling aids as they help maintain healthy color treated hair.

In a nutshell the only way to repair damaged hair is with the use of Keratin based haircare products, once you achieve healthier hair you can alternate your haircare regimen with your other favorite products. 

Here’s to Healthy Hair!

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