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Dessange Paris at Tysons CornerABOUT

You may feel like you’re keeping a well-guarded beauty secret once you step inside Dessange Paris, so intimate is its location. Don’t be fooled, though – this is the ultimate beauty outpost, a salon that offers an array of services for the hair, plus facials, massage, body treatments, waxing and nail care. 


Nestled in a quiet space in the typically hectic Tysons Corner area is a salon so tranquil and blissful, you’ll forget your surroundings as soon as you step inside. The immaculate Dessange Paris salon is a study in sophistication, from its crisp black and white color palette to its inflow of scintillating sunlight streaming through wide windows overlooking the quiet, tree-lined street. The shampoo station is situated somewhat conspicuously in the center of the salon, yet with its massaging chairs and glass walls, it feels downright homey and relaxed. For all its crisp refinement, this Euro-chic haunt is surprisingly cozy and more than welcoming.


Dessange Paris at Tysons CornerGiven my scalp’s inclination for sensitivity and dryness, I was eager to experience one of the lavish treatments on the company’s Hair Spa menu. I arrived for my consultation and was immediately whisked to a comfortable chair at a quiet hair station. My stylist, Michelle Andrade, performed a meticulous examination of my hair, all the while asking me questions and ensuring that I was actually part of the process right from the start. The key, she told me, was to establish a system for my hair that would improve its condition over time, instead of opting for quick-fix products with limited results. Ultimately we decided on an application of Dessange’s Gray Clay Mask Treatment, a purifying emulsion formulated for dehydrated scalps and made with French clay and various essential oils. 

Prior to applying the mask, Michelle ran a few coats of lemon peel essential oil over my scalp before following with careful brushstrokes of gray clay. As it did its thing, Michelle and I discussed a recent semi-disastrous haircut I’d undergone, and she felt confident she could reverse the damage and bring it back to life – so in her complete care I put my mane. After an intense shampoo with the company’s Phytodess Neroli Shampoo (which contains argan oil and healing neroli oil and smells amazing), plus a scalp massage so relaxing I was practically lulled to sleep, I was led to another station for the cut.

After Michelle determined that my last cut had simply been a bit too safe, she got to work, creating more noticeable layers and establishing a livelier, bouncier look. When all was said and done, my hair felt exceptionally silky, smelled rather heavenly and looked runway-perfect. I was genuinely blown away by the results, and Michelle lived up to her self-proclaimed status as a “hair doctor.” These are professionals who truly understand the art of hair.


A spot for those who seek something extra in their hair care services, the salon draws the area’s most in-the-know, discerning clientele.


Cuts vary by stylist and hair length: a haircut and styling with a senior stylist runs between $85 to $95 for women and $45 for men. Hair Spa treatments, which include complementary blowdry and styling, range from $80 to $145.


Dessange Tysons Corner
8020 Towers Crescent Drive
Vienna, VA 22182

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